For the ugliest ugly sweaters: DIY

Learn how to make the ugliest of ugly sweaters.

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Finding everyday items at Goodwill

Written by Aaron of Three Thrifty Guys
Learn how you can find everyday household items at Goodwill.

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Coming to Minneapolis: high-quality housing for people involved with criminal justice system

Life after incarceration doesn’t start with a clean slate. It’s a web of legal

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Plastics recycling at Goodwill: Over 40,000 pounds each month

Learn about how our plastics recycling program is diverting over 40,000 pounds of waste from landfills per month.

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Are you ready to vote? Election 2016 information

Find last-minute voting information for November 8.

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Ebay + Goodwill = Second chances for clothing and people

Learn about how one person has learned to take Goodwill finds and make a living off of them, helping Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota participants in the process.

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